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Cerebral Palsy is one of the most complicated disorders seen rarely in children. Many of the new born babies are also seen suffering from Cerebral palsy problem. The problem is directly associated with the functioning of brain. The term cerebral is intended to refer to cerebrum that gets affected by this disorder and other term palsy refers for ailment for movement. Physical disability, improper human developments are few of the problems related with Cerebral Palsy disease. Treatment for Cerebral palsy disorders are offered by most of the treatment centers with the help of specialized professionals guidance. This is an important problem, so our center deals with it and recruits specialists site. We want to help people be healthy.

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According to the recent research it is concluded that the problem of Cerebral palsy is caused due to the injury of motor control system and sensory cells. The cases of the Cerebral Palsy show that problem can arise any time such as in fetus at the time of pregnancy or childbirth or early childhood stage. According to the medical science the accurate and responsible factors for Cerebral palsy cause in children are still unanswered. Few experts say that extreme exposure of radiation infection can result in Cerebral Palsy in new born babies. Some of the professionals confirm that complications in prenatal period and nativity trauma can cause CP in infants.

Wide ranges of problems are caused due to Cerebral palsy in kids. Few of the problems are such as

- Mental weakness
- Learning and writing disabilities
- Communication tribulations
- Behavioral and emotional problems
- Eating problems
- Severe problems in sitting and walking
- Dysarthria and Epilepsy and many others

Treatments Available for Cerebral Palsy Disorder:

Medical science is working hard to find some sort of treatment programs for the kids struggling with Cerebral palsy. Medical science has not any specific treatment for curing the CP in infants. Few of the therapy programs are available for victims of Cerebral palsy disease. Psychotherapy programs are not the complete prevention methods but reduce the poor symptoms and signs caused by this disease. It is necessary to get the treatments from the initial stage of problem diagnosis.

Therapy sessions are helpful in diminishing the poor symptoms such as learning disability, communication problems and developmental deformity. It makes the sufferers capable to tackle the challenges of life successfully. Treatment clinics offer Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for the infants suffering from Cerebral Palsy since pre-birth. Few of the psychotherapy programs available for victims are such as,

- Substantial therapy
- Physiotherapy programs
- Speech therapy
- Message therapy
- Pain Alleviation drugs
- Conductive Educational Programs
- Alternative Psychoanalysis

Because of Cerebral palsy high tension in muscles, deformities in joints, tendons and bones are caused. For dealing with this problem, treatment clinics focus on Relax muscle spasms which are medically approved treatment approach to reduce muscle difficulties in teenagers. Some treatment centers also use Botox for relaxing contracting muscles and joints.

Few surgery programs are also prescribed by professional surgeons in order to rectify the anatomical abnormalities. In order to prevent the communication problems in children, treatment centers recommend effective voice synthesizers which are connected through computers. Physically disabled kids are provided with wheelchairs for making their movements convenient. Clinics for Cerebral palsy prescribe medication treatments with the help of Botulinum Toxin injections into contracted muscles to trim down the severe soreness and contraction.

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