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Spastic is a type of this disease which can damage the legs or entire body. Muscle stiffness and awkward are the common signs. Most of the affected sufferers have these types of problems. Those children who are suffering from Dyskinetic have the problems of movements. Anthetoid and Ataxic comes under the category of dyskinetic. Athetoid influence the movements of body while ataxic creates coordination problems. Person may also affect from both spastic and athetoid. This is labeled as mixed Cerebral palsy. Affected children are also not able to communicate clearly. They are not able to learn or speak clearly due to muscle stiffness.

These are the following signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy:-

- Abnormal muscle tone
- Primitive reflexes
- Developing handedness
- Delayed milestones
- Joint contractures
- Seizures

It is necessary for the pregnant women to take medications with the consultation of gynecologist to avoid such type of problems in unborn baby. Avoid smoking or concentrate on weight for healthy pregnancy. Parental care is essential to reduce the chances of cerebral palsy because it is very difficult to prevent this disease. Medical care is not enough to prevent these kinds of mental illness. Physical care is also required for the flexibility of muscles. Stretching or other exercises are good to treat disable contractures. Occupational and language therapy can be favorable for affected children. Medical therapy is provided to treat seizure disorder, feeding and breathing problems.

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